Toby Genkel

Toby began his career in 1991 at the Hamburg based animation studio Trickcompany, which was just about to finish »Werner – Beinhart!«, the first movie in the German cult series of the same name. Starting as a background designer, Toby created layouts and storyboards for several feature films and television productions before he advanced into his first co-director’s role.

Animated features he directed or co-directed include »Werner – Gekotzt wird später!« and »Dieter – Der Film«, which both enjoyed great popularity in Germany and his latest movies »Ooops! Noah is Gone« and »Richard the Stork« performed successfully at box offices around the globe. Toby’s films were nominated for the Crystal Bear at the Berlinale and for the Golden Goblet at the Shanghai International Filmfestival for best animation feature film, they won the Bavarian Film Price, the Lux Filmfest and numerous national and international awards.

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