Karina Taira

I started as a photographer and then became a film maker. My first shoots were when I was 6 years old and had a 110 camera and shot photos of the things I loved. As I became a teenager I shot photos of my friends as we pretended to be in fashion magazines. At 18 I attended Art Center College of Design and was determined to become a fashion photographer. And then I moved to NYC at 21 years old and started my career.

By the time I was 23 I made it to Paris and started to shoot for advertising and magazines. During that time I did my first jobs for Diesel perfume, Dior accesories, Guerlain cosmetics, and L’oreal. As I turned 25 I realized I wanted to direct. I shot my first spec commercial, which led to my 1st tv commercial for Boucheron perfume. It has been a great beautiful journey. Now I spend my time between Italy and France. I love shooting films and photos. I hope to do features one day. That is my next dream!

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