Remote Process

We built our company to unite everyone and everything needed to create high-end content, under one roof. Tune in from anywhere in the world and take full advantage of our production expertise remotely. 

Scroll down and discover more on our infrastructure and the range of services that we can bring to your project.

Briefing & Consultancy

No matter if you approach us with a loose goal or a fully fleshed out storyboard, this initial phase is here to get to know each other. It’s where we learn more about a brand or product as well as about your communication needs, opportunities and goals.

Our Services
  • Creative workshops
  • Creative consultancy
  • Research
  • Creative audit
  • Competitors analysis
  • Production consultancy
Studio 1 Hamburg
Proposal Frankfurt Mobile
Proposal Frankfurt

You’ll receive a written proposal where we recap on the aim and scope of the project, outline our creative vision and efforts on how to develop a helpful solution. We’ll include a first, rough estimate in regards to costs and timing.

Concept Development

All our conceptual services aim to paint a more vivid picture of how the final result could look like. It gives everybody involved the right tools to share and discuss their vision and expectations for the project to help us develop a well-thought-out concept.

Concept Hamburg Mobile
Our Services
  • Storytelling and script writing
  • Storyboarding
  • Look & Feel development through mood boards and style frames
  • Character design and illustration
  • Mood film editing
  • Music research and sketches

Styleframe Frankfurt Mobile
Styleframe Frankfurt IMG

After narrowing down and adjusting the options on how to bring your message to life, our concept paper reaches the point where everybody can get behind it and you as a client are comfortable to commission the production.


Now all wheels are set in motion. We organize, order, scout and craft everything needed to create the images and films we all envisioned. Every important aspect of the production is defined in the pre-production booklet.

Our Services
  • Organization of the shoot
  • Casting supervision
  • Location finding
  • Special effect tests
  • Director’s interpretations
  • Animatics
  • Art direction
  • Set design and set building
  • Model making
Set Building IMG
Producing Hamburg Mobile
Producing Hamburg IMG

Before the production starts, all parties involved come together for the pre-production meeting. Here you get the chance to review the contents of the booklet, choose from presented options and raise last minute requests within reason, while we take you through our road map for the whole production.


Now we shoot live action, in our studio or on location. Our CGI team takes care about all the shots and elements that are best created digitally and our audio specialists produce a bespoke soundtrack.

Spike Smart Production Mobile
Spike Smart Production
Visual Services
  • A 15,000 ft2 studio for film and photography
  • In-house directors and DoPs
  • VFX supervision
  • Camera equipments
  • High speed and special effects
  • SPIKETM  high speed motion control
  • Photorealistic CGI and animation pipeline
  • Character animation
  • Editing
Granny's House Recording Mobile
Audio Services
  • Music composition
  • Recording studio
  • Voice recording
  • Sound effects
  • Sound design
  • Mixing and mastering
Granny's House Recording
Offline Session Mobile
Offline Session

After the shoot we select the best material and provide it for your revision in form of rough compositions in case of still images or as a first draft edit of a film. We meet in an offline session to discuss and tweak this edit together with you, until we end up with a version that you are happy to approve. This offline edit is still a rough diamond that will be polished in post-production. 


All of our post-production services aim to enhance the impact of your message. We elevate the quality of the captured footage and fuse it with digitally crafted elements to create one-captivating result.

3D Hamburg Mobile
Our Services
  • Color grading
  • Compositing
  • Retouching
  • Visual effects
  • Photorealistic CG elements and extensions
  • End tags and packshots
  • Title design and supers
  • Motion graphics
3D Hamburg
Grading Mobile

After a couple of iterations, where we incorporate your feedback, we present you with the final moving and still images. You sign off on the master files and we start adapting them for broadcast, print, stream, post or screening. 


Every asset, footage and piece of knowledge that we’ve developed during the production is prepared for further application. Watch our production synergies unfold as we roll out consistent content for all of your communication channels and purposes.

Adaptation Frankfurt Mobile
Our Services
  • Product images and feature visualization
    for e-commerce platforms and packaging
  • Collateral for print and web
  • Second screen content
  • Behind the scenes content and production
    stories for PR and social media channels
  • Cut downs and variations
  • Language adaptations
  • Self-hosted data workflow
  • Secure storage of your projects data
Adaptation Frankfurt
Multi Channel Mobile IMG
Multi Channel

You’ll receive ready to use content, tailored to each platform and touchpoint that you plan to target. For future use all project data is securely stored and archived. With The Marmalade you have a partner that takes care of a project, even after its completion.

Let’s create together

At The Marmalade we maintain a transparent, collaborative working environment for our customers as well as for our colleagues.