Visual Engineering

The Marmalade

» ​With every project we embark on a journey to study a brand and explore it’s products,
to discover and reveal their beauty for everyone to see and share. «
How We Create

A Creative Environment

At The Marmalade’s Hamburg and Frankfurt facilities, a diverse team of experts and young talent creates inspiring audio-visual content.

Our 15,000 ft2 film and photography studio houses three stages as well as workshops for set building and special effects.

The studio is also home to SPIKETM, our award winning, high speed motion control system that we developed to engineer fascinating and previously unseen visuals.

To complete this experience, music, voice over and sound design is composed and added in our recording studio.

As an ever evolving production company, we saw the need to erase the boundaries of our industry, to connect world-class talent from all stages of content creation under one roof:

Concept Development
Content Production

We provide an open and collaborative environment to inspire the permanent exchange of knowledge and constant improvement of quality, both within the process and in the end result.

Before we present you with a concept, it’s reviewed by the same in-house experts, that will later lead its realization. This ensures executable ideas that fit your budget and timing.

Why Choose Us?

Your Benefits

  • We provide holistic content solutions that span across all of your communication channels and consumer touch points.
  • This improves the consistency in your brand’s appearance and enables cost effective synergies within the production.
  • Information on your brand and future products is retained within one secure and self-hosted production pipeline.
  • We help you reduce the number of vendors and the amount of communication or misunderstandings that may come with it.
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Let’s create together

At The Marmalade we maintain a transparent and collaborative working environment for our customers as well as for our colleagues.